This exhibit was scheduled November 18, 2023-March 10, 2024.

The San Luis Obispo Museum of Art continues its forward-thinking goal of bringing art and artists from outside the Central Coast and sharing their perspectives that reflect different geographies, cultures, and values.

In that vein, the newest exhibit in the Gray Wing by Alisa Sikelianos-Carter provides abstract prints using web- and catalogue-sourced imagery of Black hair. Sikelianos-Carter envisions a “cosmically bountiful world that celebrates and pays homage to ancestral majesty, power and aesthetics.”

Sikelianos-Carter, a New York mixed media artist, uses images which have been magnified to the point of becoming an abstraction, thus giving the viewer a sense of the ethereal, or what she refers to as “an immersive world that cultivates a feeling of expansive infinity.”

Many of the pieces give an almost organic feeling, similar to viewing crystals forming in nature or unusual fungi growing into a myriad of shapes and forms. Viewers need to truly stop and take the time to observe each piece and reflect on what it means to them personally and how they fit into the universe. Each piece provides viewers with the sense of being a magnificent—albeit tiny—grain of what makes up the cosmos and our world.

In Space and Splendor: A Topography of Wildness” is being shown through March 10, 2024. You may want to visit the artist’s website for more in-depth information.

:: Toni Pruett Bouman