Two local authors have combined their very different experiences to publish a book leading people on a “journey to peace.”

Peace Be with You: Tools and Thoughts to Guide You from Anxiety to Serenity by Garrett J. Andrew and Linda Abbott Trapp can be used either alone or with groups. Each chapter has two parts, one written by Andrew and one by Trapp, so both authors can speak with their different voices and experiences on sensitive topics.

Andrew is a pastor who lives and works in Nipomo, and Trapp, an Arroyo Grande resident, is a retired therapist, consultant, and educator with a history of speaking hope through art.

“Our intent is to provide caring and encouragement to those suffering from anxiety, insecurity, anger, and depression in these difficult times,” Trapp, who also provided watercolor illustrations for the book, says. “We combined our expertise from theology and psychology to provide the reader with well-tested solutions, as well as our willingness to share the best solutions from our years of counseling others.”