Photo by Jeanie Greensfelder

Let me stop being this thinking-and-doing
person and become the pond at Sweet Springs
where mallards glide and egrets feed.
Send me into silence, broken
only by sounds of paddling feet
or a sharp beak breaking my surface
or a serenade by kingfishers and owls.

Let sunbeams dance over me with shimmering
eucalyptus tree reflections while I feel the
tickle of fish searching for food.
Let the sun take bits of me sky-high
to merge with passing clouds
and later, let me feel raindrops
return, splash, and nourish me.

Let me soothe those who pause
on the bridge, behold me, and wish.

(published by Juniper Poetry)

:: Jeanie Greensfelder

By Jeanie Greensfelder

Jeanie Greensfelder served as the San Luis Obispo County poet laureate during 2017 and 2018. Her poems have been published at American Life in Poetry, Writer’s Almanac, and Poetry Foundation’s Poem of the Day; in the anthologies Paris, Etc. and Pushing the Envelope: Epistolary Poems; and in the journals Miramar, Thema, Askew, Persimmon Tree, and others. Her books include "Biting the Apple," "Marriage and Other Leaps of Faith," and "I Got What I Came For."