This exhibit was scheduled March 13-July 7, 2023.

The San Luis Obispo Museum of Art presents Marela Zacarías’ first West Coast exhibition, “Storytelling,” on view through July 7.

Zacarías began her career as a muralist. Through that practice she grew interested in bringing walls into three-dimensional spaces, and began creating wall-mounted sculptures that undulate, twist, and turn.

Her works, created using window screens and plaster, when finished are deeply expressive, capturing the sensation of motion, even while static on the wall. The sculptures are adorned with geometric abstractions, whose shapes and patterns are variously rooted in the history of the site that inspired the work, global textiles, and traditional weaving practices.

The abstract nature of the artist’s work allows these stories and histories to be reshaped, reformed, and presented anew, incorporating traditional elements into a distinctly contemporary practice.

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