The other day while I was sitting outside the Bijoux Cafe in Cayucos, a youngish acquaintance of mine strolled by and we started to chat.

She said she was on her way to buy a friend a gift, and that most of her friends preferred experiences over stuff. She also said she bought local as much as she could.

I thought: she’s on to something. I wanted to suggest to her and others the idea of buying tickets to live arts events in the county.

Music, dance, theater, opera, and choral music all require an audience to exist. Many local arts organizations are still struggling after COVID closed productions and put a damper on ticket sales. Perhaps instead of buying someone a sweater for a birthday or holiday gift, why not purchase tickets to a musical performance or a play?

Experience the transcendence of a choral music concert or the exhilaration of a modern dance performance. And by attending a live performance, you are supporting the arts in the most fundamental fashion. And, if you are bringing children, you are ensuring the future of the arts in our community.

Going out to a show or a musical event with friends or family is a bonding experience that does not have to be stored in a closet. People often say they believe in the arts as a vital component of a healthy society, but they must also take action in supporting the arts by attending performances and nurturing the next generation of art lovers and advocates.

:: Kate Stulberg