This production is scheduled May 3-19, 2024.

SLO REP is giving the community an early Thanksgiving this year, although it’s not the holiday you might be expecting.

The Thanksgiving Play by Larissa Fasthorse is a poignantly funny story that challenges conventional narratives surrounding holiday celebrations. It promises an engaging exploration of cultural appropriation, identity, and the complexities of some modern-day traditions.

Opening May 3 and directed by Rachel Tietz, the production follows a group of well-intentioned but misguided theatre artists as they attempt to devise a culturally sensitive Thanksgiving play for a school presentation. Faced with their own biases and limited understanding of Indigenous culture, the characters navigate a series of comedic mishaps and unexpected revelations.

The cast includes Michael Brusasco, Karin Hendricks-Bolen, Natalie Mara and Mike Fiore.

Through Fasthorse’s sharp writing and nuanced characterizations, the play prompts audiences to reflect on the ways in which history, tradition, and privilege intersect in contemporary society.

“With its blend of humor and social commentary, The Thanksgiving Play offers a timely and compelling exploration of issues that resonate deeply with audiences today,” according to SLO REP managing artistic director Kevin Harris. “We believe it will spark important conversations and encourage greater understanding and empathy.”

The Thanksgiving Play, sponsored by Ann Robinson with Valerie Pallai as show director sponsor, runs May 3-19.