San Luis Obispo resident Lisa Guy is the author of an exciting new book, Pearls: Parenting Practices Relayed Through Stories, Illustrations, Affirmations, Poems, and Quotes.

I recently interviewed Guy on KCBX Public Radio for the Central Coast, and she was also a featured speaker at my Rotary Club in San Luis Obispo.

The gist of this book is about hope, perseverance, and the steps needed to get there and stay there as successful parents of a young child. In today’s world, and partly due to the Internet, theories on child rearing abound. Young parents are easily confused and, sometimes, led astray. This book goes a long way towards dealing successfully with those challenges.

Pearls also features the whimsical artwork of Central Coast illustrator Cameron Shields.

I urge young parents to buy this book, or at least to borrow it from their local public library. You will be glad you did!

By Brian A. Reynolds

Brian A. Reynolds is the retired director of the County of San Luis Obispo Library.